Return to the Shade Tree

Return to the Shade Tree

shadetreeThe last few months have been an interesting journey at our house.  An eye issue forced me to set aside my growing stack of books and love for poring through the pages to bury myself in the stories that authors had written.  During this same time we have had broke bones, multiple funerals, new school experiences (good and bad), and working to get our new workspace completed before cold sets in.

Meanwhile, I have continued to chomp at the bit and anxiously awaited the okay from my eye doctor to start reading again.  Finally, this last week, he has given me clearance to go back to my love of reading, but not push it as hard as I had been.  So we will be more selective in our choices L and still work at providing authors and readers some true insights into the stories within the stories of some of the wonderful new literature coming out, and recently released.

One of the great antique and auction houses has requested that I write an article about the value of the written word and great works in the stacks, some of which we don’t see every day anymore.  I am looking forward to this collaboration and will be falling back to the “box of books” theme for the article.  I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I will digging through their stacks and discovering wonderful works of our earlier generations.

I also, before going black, had started working on setting up to write a series of reviews for a new series for a fantastic author that many of your read and enjoy.  I hope to be able to pick that process up and get that series going soon.

Intermingled with all of this, we will be looking at some holiday delights.  So hopefully will have a few of those to tantalise your senses for the coming seasons, along with a few interviews and favorite recipes to taste and try.

Thank you for your patience.  I am glad to be back and will be posting some goodies shortly.


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  1. Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans. Hope you have a speedy eye recovery.Were you able to catch up some TV watching? ( I’m a sucker for any historical series on cable TV.) Also, have you considered books on tape as you recover? Lots of folks LOVE them, although my mind tends to wander while listening–and I do so enjoy rereading some of the more savory language found in good books.


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