Book Three Merkabah Series


L.Z. Marie







A dating website is leaving a trail of desiccated bodies and Daphne Sites is on the case. But following the string of clues requires working with the man who broke her heart.

As if that wasn’t difficult enough, Daphne must contend with a shady magician, a vicious hellhound, a sex-obsessed predator, and S.J.’s ancient enemy. Not to mention the other misguided beings—human and otherworldly—that keep Daphne on her empathic toes.

From the city morgue to San Francisco’s Chinatown to a Napa valley winery, Daphne suspects there is more at stake than she bargained for.


The Merkabah Temptation is the third book in the Merkabah Series by L.Z. Marie.  I have had the privilege of reading all three novels and loved them all.  Each of the novels built on the previous novel(s), continuing to develop the central characters and the central plot of the series.  The entire series is based on the ancient demi-gods and demons that date back to the tales and stories are written as far back as the Babylonian and Sumerian.  Because of this, fans of ancient history get a kick out of reading this delightful spin on the ancients and their foibles.

The story between Daphne, the introverted doctoral candidate/college professor, and S. J., the demi-god/Nephilim heats to a boil as the “Watchers” seem to become more involved in the love affair between a human and a Watcher.  This is only the sideline to the action-filled storyline as Daphne’s powers as a Merkabah continue to increase and she continues to fight the demons that are co-habiting earth with us mere earthlings.

The pages almost turn themselves with the speed of the story, as you run to keep up with the monsters and heroes flashing through the pages.  Yes, the novel will stand alone and is enjoyable to itself, but for full enjoyment and deepest understanding of all the innuendo, reading all three novels is highly recommended.

The love interest is hot and heavy and will leave the faint of heart short on breath.  The bedroom scenes steam and leave you wondering why L.Z. pulled the shades when she did.  But then I guess we still need to wonder what really happens between gods and man.

This series is a unique storyline and one that deserves telling.  It is light but scary.  It is fun but enlightening.  Like the teacher she is, she shares knowledge in a new and unique way, allowing you to have fun in the process.  She makes you want to read and read more.  I love her style.  It is fresh, captivating, and I am hoping that she will find one more book for this series to answer the final question of love between demi-gods and man.

I give this book a solid 4.5 Stars for my review.  Shade Tree Book Reviews/Blogging Under the Shade Tree was provided an advance reading copy of this book to read and assess in exchange for a fair and honest review of the material.  Blogging Under the Shade Tree is not associated with the manufacturer or seller of this material.

L.Z.Marie_-282x300ABOUT THE AUTHOR

I began writing the moment I could hold a crayon. In elementary school, I scribbled stories, penned silly tales for my friends in middle school, and joined the high school newspaper.

A part-time job as a clerk for the local library located just  through the woods behind my house allowed ample time to wander up and down the musty wooden shelves—it was a very old library.

I attended the University of Utah for a few years until learning took a back seat to rearing four children. Luckily, I squeezed in frequent trips to the library, checking out the maximum number of books each visit.

Flash forward a few decades and I found myself returning to school to complete my literature degree. Teaching, more schooling, and mommy duties kept me running through the day. The moment my children were able to forage for their own food and the day after receiving my Masters, I plunged head first into my passion—writing novels. Haven’t stopped writing since.

By day, you can find me teaching literary craft, authorial technique, and grading essays. An afternoon drive on the harrowing Southern California freeway takes me back home where I write and avoid housework.

An avid reader, I savor well-crafted, witty prose that makes me laugh, challenges conventionality, and stirs the imagination. An intriguing mystery-thriller, action-adventure, historical fiction, or urban fantasy will have me reading into the wee hours of the night.

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