A Note to my Blog Readers

IMAG1703_2Due to some medical concerns with my eyes during this last year, my level of reading and reviewing has been brought to a screeching halt.  I am finally getting things under control to where I am able to start picking up my beloved novels again and starting to read and review on a limited basis.  Please bear with me as we work to get back to reading and reviewing like we have always loved to read.

Because of this, I am having to become selective in my choices of books to review.  I am actually putting down books that I otherwise would have continued to the end in the past.  But for now, because I have to limit my reading time, I am finding myself being even more selective.    This has been a very, very tough decision, but means that I have become even more honest with myself about the reviews that I do and the quality of the work of the novelists that I review.

So, with this in mind, know that though they are fewer, for now, the reviews are just as in depth.  There have been many books started and set aside before coming across a prose with the dynamics to captivate and cause me to dig through the layers to find the stories within the stories.

I hope to be increasing more reviews at more frequent intervals, as soon as possible.  I do miss reading and writing.

I hope you enjoy.


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